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Tea with Syd

There is nothing better together than a good book
and a cup of fine tea!

Americans are just now waking up to the wide, wonderful world of tea, and I am happy to have been immersed in this world because of my husband's coffee and tea business. He's the coffee man and I'm the Tea Fairy!

What do you like about tea? For me, its an oasis, a steadying draught that makes my day feel more grounded.

Did you know that there are more than six official categories if tea?

     White - Green - Oolong - Purple - Black and more, not to mention the myriad of herbal and tisane infusions!

I am a level one Tea Sommelier and will offer my insights into the world of tea through my email newsletter, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter to find out what's brewing!

Click here, signup and download my TEA STEEPING GUIDE!


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