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Those Who Trespass

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My first novel is full of adventure and suspense, sacrifice and the hand of providence!

My pen name is Sydney F. Grey

Working Cover and Title

All she can remember is the worst thing that happened.

1818. On a remote tropical island, a woman abandoned to die beside the body of her murdered husband is found by a British Naval Captain. This strong yet vulnerable lady, too traumatized to speak, has no memory other than her faith in God and the faces of her attackers. The Captain must outwit his superiors as he helps her find her identity while they flee from an Admiral who seeks to commit her to an asylum and from the murderers who wish to silence her forever.

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The trials of Cairstine  Blackwood

I am so excited about finishing the first draft of my second novel! Cairstine Blackwood is the daughter of a critically ill small town tailor and must take on a new job in a strange city to help her family survive. She cannot imagine what awaits her there; romance, mystery, crime, and redemption...

Working Cover and Title

Desperate to save her family, will she sacrifice too much?

1846: The life of Cairstine Blackwood is turned upside down when her father becomes ill and she must support her family. Taking a position at a famous draper's shop in a nearby city, she grapples with the struggle to survive, the promise she made her dying father, and the offer of a suitor that is too good to be true. 
Sacrificing her all to marry a man who's character changes completely on the wedding night, will she also have to sacrifice her life?

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